Caring for your silverware

A regular use of your cutlery, and storage after use in the covers provided on purchase will delay the effects of oxidation.

Before it is first used, we recommend that you wash your cutlery by hand in soapy water before it is first used, and then wipe it immediately with a clean dry soft cloth.

Silver gilt cutlery must be washed by hand and dried immediately afterwards, after each use. You can then wash your silverware in a dishwasher, providing you follow these simple instructions :

  • If the dishwasher does not start immediately, rinse the cutlery which has been in contact with acid food such as eggs, vinaigrette, lemon, fruit…

  • Use powder detergent, never liquid.

  • Wash silver cutlery separately from other cutlery or other metal articles.

  • Separate the knives from the other cutlery in the basket, with the blades facing upwards in the basket.
  • As soon as the washing cycle is over, open the dishwasher door to let the steam out to prevent stains forming on the knife blades

Apart from washing, a good clean with silver cleaning products twice a year is amply sufficient, but the best way to look after your silverware … is to use it !