It is always possible to adapt a design to your taste and Odiot can help and guide you in your requests for personalisation.

Odiot can personalise a set of cutlery or other objects by engraving initials, coats of arms, a logo … in accordance with your request.

ODIOT has its own workshops which cover the whole range of silversmith trades. At Odiot we can help you bring your own ideas to fruition from designing a piece to manufacturing it.

Silver is a good metal, which lasts, and naturally acquires a patina over time. However, perhaps you would like it to have the lustre it had when it was new ?

Odiot repairs, and polishes your pieces of silverware, whether decorative objects or cutlery. The staff in our shop at ‘Avenue de Friedland’ are on hand to advise you on the maintenance and repairs you wish to carry out.