Personalization and reparation

Engraving and personalization of our products

Customization is possible, depending the pieces choosen, by engraving your initials or coat of arms, to give them an even more unique dimension. 

To make your ser­vice spe­cial, Odi­ot offers to cus­tomize it to your lik­ing, by engrav­ing for exam­ple your ini­tials or your coat of arms, to give an even more unique dimension.

You can also per­son­al­ize all the prod­ucts of our “Birth” range (nap­kin ring, gob­let, egg cup) by hav­ing the child’s name engraved or by adding a décor on it. The engrav­ing can be done by our sil­ver­smiths by hand, either mechan­i­cal­ly, depend­ing on the cus­tomiza­tion requested.

Both will be pro­duced with the same care by our gold­smiths who will pay atten­tion dur­ing all the engrav­ing process.

For any engrav­ing request, please con­tact our sales teams, who will offer you a selec­tion of ABCs to choose the let­ter­ing that suits you best.

Gravure et personnalisation
Sur mesure


By hav­ing our own work­shops, which inte­grates all the crafts of gold­smith­ery, we can help you to cre­ate your own projects, by adapt­ing dec­o­ra­tion and shapes to your wish­es. That’s why we are at your dis­pos­al to guide and advise you from design­ing a piece to its realization.


Ster­ling sil­ver is made to last, even if some­times it skates nat­u­ral­ly over time. To restore it to its orig­i­nal state, Odi­ot pro­pose to repair and revive your goldsmith’s pieces, whether they are dec­o­ra­tive pieces or cutlery.

Plan­ing, shap­ing, chis­elling, sol­der­ing, bright­en­ing, pol­ish­ing and sav­ing are part of the non-exhaus­tive list of tech­niques used by our gold­smiths to give new life to your objects.

It is also pos­si­ble to have your sil­ver­ware re-sil­vered or gild­ed as you wish, in order to give a sec­ond life to these objects which will then regain their glow of yesteryear.

Our pas­sion­ate craftsper­sons are always at your dis­pos­al to advise you on the main­te­nance and repair of your goldsmith’s pieces, so that they can con­tin­ue to be passed on from gen­er­a­tion to generation.