Odiot Asian Chopstick

Odiot unveils a brand new collection of Asian Chopsticks initiating a new art of tasting. The precise, minimalist and ergonomic lines make these chopsticks an ideal object to serve, taste and enjoy a meal in style. Light and balanced, this set of chopsticks will add a touch of delicacy to your tables.

This cutlery set is available in 3 rare hand-cut wood finishes : Amourette, Amarante and Macassar Ebony and in 3 colors : silver, gold and rose gold.


Coming from Central and South America, Amaranth is a very dense and durable wood. It is distinguished by a characteristic shade of more or less dark purple. Amaranth is an essence of light, meaning that its exceptional natural color does not fully affect its effect until after one or two days of exposure to light.


Amourette is a rare and noble wood with a distinguished look that originates from South America. Its lightly mottled patterns make the amourette a unique wood species. In English, the amourette is the “snakewood”, because of its tortoiseshell patterns.

Macassar ebony

Native to Indonesia, Macassar is a precious, almost black wood. It comes from the heart of trees of the ebony family. It is very soft and pleasant to the touch, particularly hard and solid. It knows his heyday with furniture from the Art Deco period.

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